2017 NFL Commonwealth measured five biggest winners and losers.

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Former NFL player and scout Bucky Brooks since the four-day rookie who are tracking the Commonwealth measuring performance, the following is summarized by him from the bottom of the Indianapolis five winners and losers.


Adoree Jackson, cornerback, University of Southern California: As the 2017 session of the rookie leader in fitness, body measurements show Jackson in full compliance with the experts expect for him. Jackson 40-yard sprint in just 4.42 seconds, the selected bit workouts (position drill) is to show a more flexible mobility, with exceptional flexibility and can easily complete turn around in disguise. More importantly, he still has a good sense of the ball. He even like MLB outfielder then fly ball as easily take over punt. Now Jackson can already say that in this session cornerback left a good first impression.
Alvin Kamara, running back, University of Tennessee: Kamara perfect performance off the field makes him a bit of this body jump up the fastest players. Colleagues told me that he got out of the access link, it shows a high basketball IQ and contagious charisma. Coaches for his red ball and pass protection cover are praised Canada. The links in the field, we can use an explosive to describe his performance: 39.5 feet 4.56 seconds vertical jump and 40-yard sprint. So he can even as a three-threat (catch, and rushed the ball back to attack) players to use. Considering his name between major clubs have been discussed, I believe Kamara will have the opportunity to become a high pick running back.
Haason Reddick, linebacker, Temple University: the rapid rise of the players in the draft to his first day was selected to go have added on a heavy weight. Reddick not only demonstrates the mobility and response capacity in line with expectations, while in purely physical terms (40-yard dash, vertical jump, standing jump) also has an explosive performance. In the pass rush drill, offensive group training dummy for him not to cause any obstruction. The most impressive thing is he has a multi-faceted like a Swiss Army knife of adaptability, can become a decisive figure in the defense group in many cases.
John Ross, took over the University of Washington: Regardless of who broke 40 yards sprint record, scouts will flock – not to mention he himself is one of the blue chips. Ross 4.22 seconds with a record-breaking 40-yard sprint performance but also his own pick forcibly pulled up like a rocket. Although due to muscle cramps, Ross did not complete the entire project, he had to focus all successful scouts are pulled on Saturday his personal workouts.
Deshaun Watson, quarterback, Clemson University: twice to enter the final list of Heisman quarterback with his big heart known, but his body measuring performance is not much. 4.66 seconds for a 40-yard score a full 6-foot-2 and weighs 220-pound quarterback proud. Of course, the quarterback is always the most important passing ability, Watson observers to show he can become reliable enough fast-paced playmaker, for a variety of routes pass near the very accurate, but it needs to be pointed out that Watson profound grasp of the route is not very stable. Overall, the Clemson University’s star player on the scouts should have left a record high praise.

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Reuben Foster, linebacker, University of Alabama: Foster The Commonwealth should be measured after the first twenty firmly lock pick, but after a strange absence of body measurement concerns about his character gradually surfaced. Although there are some teams and do not care about this time of the accident and more concerned about his performance during the season, but for occupational discipline and emotional control and other aspects of the first consideration concerns becoming buyers. Especially now that the trend so that the teams will be requested to occupational discipline, Foster had to make a very significant improvement in order to ensure a good pick.
Wayne Gall-man, running back, Clemson University: For the full term of talented rookie running back, Gall-man 4.60 second 40-yard score becomes too mediocre. Although some speed as well as the outbreak of the general running back is still successful in the NFL, but you want to convince a team to choose one with a high rank can not break 4.6 seconds running back to act as a tool to advance it becomes unlikely .
Brad Kaaba, quarterback, University of Miami: The Miami QB produced did not show convincing passing ability. He appeared passing errors in reaching near and distance, allowing scouts to worry about his arm strength. And choose to skip the 40 yards dash makes people fear for his athletic ability is still there.
Cooper Krupp, wide receiver, Eastern Washington University: The school grew out of the wide receiver’s performance in the Senior Bowlso that they receive a lot of attention. Scouts began to him as a potential candidate for the top 40 overall, but a lot of teams think he can act as a No. 2 took over responsibility at the appropriate system. But after his mediocre over 4.6 seconds 40-yard score and no explosive bounce test, it all seems unlikely happened. Yes, the scouts will continue to study his videos, but this is more for the No. 3 external considerations.
Teez Tabor, cornerback, University of Florida: The Gators produced a horn on his guard with speed and agility challenge to Indianapolis, but his body is completely insufficient to measure the results of these dispel doubts . Shopping is no different with 40 yards of 4.62 seconds results, slow workouts field position which gave scouts left a bad impression. For the next body in the same position with many talented draft, I can only look down upon Tabor of the draft prospects.

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