The away fans cheered for triple double of Russell Westbrook :I feel lucky!

In the Barclays center, Russell Westbrook heard with a loud voice, the voice to you really big cannot ignore.

When Brook Lopez missed the ball, less grabbed rebounds, whole cheers.

That’s the game get less 10 rebounds, the moment he has obtained the 33rd of the season three pairs (full 25 points and 12 rebounds and assists).

Westbrook said that the road has not previously heard so loud cheers. He said: ‘I was a little unexpected for me, so special to hear the applause, which is a lucky thing the fans to enjoy the game, and I also appreciate the performance of the team…’

‘They (the fans) shouted very loudly,’ Westbrook said with a smile when it comes to the cheers got the rebound. ‘I thought what happened. I was really wondering why they sound so big, I thought they might be expressing what mood it.’

Before little prestige 10 rebounds in the hands of teammate Thailand – Gibson would have been in a better position to grab the plate, and he jumped up, but in the end he changed his mind and oblige. Gibson said: ‘I want him to get three pairs I get out, I hope he can get the rebounds..’

Westbrook’s performance also won the praise of the opponent, Lin Shuhao said after the game: ‘He played very well, he crushed us his reading of the game on the field did a good job, I think, to go back to the video game can be. I learned valuable lessons, take a look at his performance, he studies how the implementation of tactics, how to conduct field deployment. ‘


“This is not a fair fight.”!

(Jan. 19, 2015 – Source: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images North America)

Gregg Popovich :This is not a fair fight.

 On March 12, 107-85 victory over the SAN Antonio Spurs home Golden State Warrior, with mighty men closer to 0.5 games.

The game has many important players on both sides.

Talk about the game, Gregg Popovich said“this is not a fair fight.”

“This is a victory, we will accept. But this is not a fair fight.”

Gregg Popovich said. “They are the golden state warriors, the team before the first four or five players. We should win this game.”

The warriors were rested the garage, Thompson, green and iguodala, the spurs, parker and Murray’s absence.

SAN Antonio has dominated the advantage in the game, especially in the first half, mills led the spurs into 11 remember three points, three points create half a season high.

remember mills alone, scored 21 points, the spurs established the advantage of 18 points in the first half.

Both sides as in the second half, the gap has been maintained at around 18 points.

(June 14, 2014 – Source: Andy Lyons/Getty Images North America)

“No matter who is on the court, all need to stay aggressive, especially at the end of the season to the playoffs stage.”

Had a cut down the spurs team high mills said after the match.

Originally lamarcus aldridge will play the game, but in early this morning, the spurs official adriano slightly due to the rhythm of the heart wrong indefinitely truce.

Heart problems early and adriano has a criminal record.

“We want aldridge can there be peace, hope to back to normal rhythm of the heart, allow him to come back as soon as possible.”

The spurs pau gasol said after the game.

It is reported, lamarcus aldridge will continue for inspection on Monday local time, in order to further determine his injury.

To win the game, the spurs just 0.5 games from the mighty, exchange record 2-0.

The day after tomorrow’s game, the spurs beat atl will climb as long as the west, golden state warriors in the next game to wait until Wednesday.


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“Is the referee killed the game”!

Wenger still claims that Arsenal played well on Bayern, “is the referee killed the game”

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger reiterated his conviction that the criticism of the team is unreasonable, the game has seen three times, still feel that the referee killed the game.

In the two meetings with the Bundesliga champions, these gunmen were smashed. After a disgraceful 10-2 presidential defeat, they stand out in the Champions League 16 strong. They went back to Lincoln City by 5-0 and entered the FA Cup semi-final on Saturday.

But after the regular victory of the UAE stadium, the attention came back to one of the worst results of Wenger’s tenure in northern London, where the French explained the reasons for sticking with many players on bullying.

“I do not want to gamble, I know it’s important to win the game,” he said at a press conference after a game.

“The team is doing well on Bayern, and I want to give them the chance to regain confidence.

“The players did not let me down, and I thought we had an outstanding performance as long as we were 11 to 11”.

According to Wenger, the game officer Anastasia Sidiropoulos decided to dismiss Laurent Koscielny in the 53th minute to block the fate of the gunmen.

“We fight against Bayern in the second half, but when you’re on a good team, down to 10 people … it’s not a football game,” he said.

“I hope you sit in my seat for a while and then you will realize that it is impossible to keep everyone quiet but we try.

Milan anger only increased the Juve-ref controversy

“Our last criticism of the game is not justified, I now read the game three times, the referee killed the game”.

Wenger confirmed Alex Oster – Chamberlain, who was limping Lincoln in the first half and was suffering from hamstring injuries, but the manager hoped that the problem would not prove to be too serious.


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Back to back also played 41 minutes, made eight mistakes, James has been exhausted.

The day before playing in Orlando for 38 minutes, this night in Houston, Tyler – Lu still let James played more than 40 minutes.Such a high-intensity game on James’s physical fitness is a huge test,30 points 7 rebounds 5 assists data is not ugly,but the Cavaliers in the fight for 42 minutes after the last 6 minutes fall short,still suspicious,let James in this high risk of injury in the game, really okay?
James this season, the most impressive is his three-pointers, James opened on the opening of the third, then with a record turn the jump jump equalizer. Rockets crazy enough to make the Cavaliers difficult to pull the score, can only fall into the mud war with the opponent.
Second section began shortly after the break traveling between James dunks, and then with a breakthrough to help the Cavaliers pulled away forcibly. James Wong’s helpers Section quite live up to expectations, not only Owen and Fry have accounted for three-pointers, veteran Jefferson is divine intervention, the audience 6-6, scored a season-high 16 points.
People in the fatigue easily subconsciously do the simplest decision,such a player like James, nor can every round, killing opponents,his pass is no longer so targeted,it is very difficult to rely on James’s teammates to make the next decision.
The second half began, James continued again in the third ball of fire. Knight audience and mistakes before the market rebounds into a rout, they can only rely on shooting their teeth. Harden break points deficit to 1 point, and James hit in the distance on the left. No teammates to help, James was trapped just a matter of time.
The beginning of the fourth quarter, the Warriors, the Spurs these teams will generally let the leaders rest, so that two or three headed with a rotation to play. Tyler – Luther let James go on. James opened to vote on the third, but people in the fatigue is difficult to focus, his free pass was Capra steals. 5 minutes 04 seconds before the whistle, James received a three-point hit Schumpeter pass, which is his final efforts to reverse.
James full match errors of up to eight times, which are the negative consequences of fatigue.This count 15 times James has played more than 40 minutes, it is hard to believe that a 32-year-old veteran was defending for treatment.Warriors have (at the expense of the players the cost of health) gave up efforts to keep the Western Conference, the knight should get some inspiration from it?

2017 NFL Commonwealth measured five biggest winners and losers.

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Former NFL player and scout Bucky Brooks since the four-day rookie who are tracking the Commonwealth measuring performance, the following is summarized by him from the bottom of the Indianapolis five winners and losers.


Adoree Jackson, cornerback, University of Southern California: As the 2017 session of the rookie leader in fitness, body measurements show Jackson in full compliance with the experts expect for him. Jackson 40-yard sprint in just 4.42 seconds, the selected bit workouts (position drill) is to show a more flexible mobility, with exceptional flexibility and can easily complete turn around in disguise. More importantly, he still has a good sense of the ball. He even like MLB outfielder then fly ball as easily take over punt. Now Jackson can already say that in this session cornerback left a good first impression.
Alvin Kamara, running back, University of Tennessee: Kamara perfect performance off the field makes him a bit of this body jump up the fastest players. Colleagues told me that he got out of the access link, it shows a high basketball IQ and contagious charisma. Coaches for his red ball and pass protection cover are praised Canada. The links in the field, we can use an explosive to describe his performance: 39.5 feet 4.56 seconds vertical jump and 40-yard sprint. So he can even as a three-threat (catch, and rushed the ball back to attack) players to use. Considering his name between major clubs have been discussed, I believe Kamara will have the opportunity to become a high pick running back.
Haason Reddick, linebacker, Temple University: the rapid rise of the players in the draft to his first day was selected to go have added on a heavy weight. Reddick not only demonstrates the mobility and response capacity in line with expectations, while in purely physical terms (40-yard dash, vertical jump, standing jump) also has an explosive performance. In the pass rush drill, offensive group training dummy for him not to cause any obstruction. The most impressive thing is he has a multi-faceted like a Swiss Army knife of adaptability, can become a decisive figure in the defense group in many cases.
John Ross, took over the University of Washington: Regardless of who broke 40 yards sprint record, scouts will flock – not to mention he himself is one of the blue chips. Ross 4.22 seconds with a record-breaking 40-yard sprint performance but also his own pick forcibly pulled up like a rocket. Although due to muscle cramps, Ross did not complete the entire project, he had to focus all successful scouts are pulled on Saturday his personal workouts.
Deshaun Watson, quarterback, Clemson University: twice to enter the final list of Heisman quarterback with his big heart known, but his body measuring performance is not much. 4.66 seconds for a 40-yard score a full 6-foot-2 and weighs 220-pound quarterback proud. Of course, the quarterback is always the most important passing ability, Watson observers to show he can become reliable enough fast-paced playmaker, for a variety of routes pass near the very accurate, but it needs to be pointed out that Watson profound grasp of the route is not very stable. Overall, the Clemson University’s star player on the scouts should have left a record high praise.

The figure comes from Google


Reuben Foster, linebacker, University of Alabama: Foster The Commonwealth should be measured after the first twenty firmly lock pick, but after a strange absence of body measurement concerns about his character gradually surfaced. Although there are some teams and do not care about this time of the accident and more concerned about his performance during the season, but for occupational discipline and emotional control and other aspects of the first consideration concerns becoming buyers. Especially now that the trend so that the teams will be requested to occupational discipline, Foster had to make a very significant improvement in order to ensure a good pick.
Wayne Gall-man, running back, Clemson University: For the full term of talented rookie running back, Gall-man 4.60 second 40-yard score becomes too mediocre. Although some speed as well as the outbreak of the general running back is still successful in the NFL, but you want to convince a team to choose one with a high rank can not break 4.6 seconds running back to act as a tool to advance it becomes unlikely .
Brad Kaaba, quarterback, University of Miami: The Miami QB produced did not show convincing passing ability. He appeared passing errors in reaching near and distance, allowing scouts to worry about his arm strength. And choose to skip the 40 yards dash makes people fear for his athletic ability is still there.
Cooper Krupp, wide receiver, Eastern Washington University: The school grew out of the wide receiver’s performance in the Senior Bowlso that they receive a lot of attention. Scouts began to him as a potential candidate for the top 40 overall, but a lot of teams think he can act as a No. 2 took over responsibility at the appropriate system. But after his mediocre over 4.6 seconds 40-yard score and no explosive bounce test, it all seems unlikely happened. Yes, the scouts will continue to study his videos, but this is more for the No. 3 external considerations.
Teez Tabor, cornerback, University of Florida: The Gators produced a horn on his guard with speed and agility challenge to Indianapolis, but his body is completely insufficient to measure the results of these dispel doubts . Shopping is no different with 40 yards of 4.62 seconds results, slow workouts field position which gave scouts left a bad impression. For the next body in the same position with many talented draft, I can only look down upon Tabor of the draft prospects.

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The gang descendants of the football road.

           ↑ Fig.for Joey Bosa

Descendants of the underworld family play American rugby stadium,

                           Joey – Bosa  declared his arrival to all.

‘Year 2016 season, the best defensive rookie – Joey! – Bosa’
When the ‘crab legs’ Demis – Winston and ‘Victoria secret angel’ Chanel – after Iman announced after the results, Bosa – the 21-year-old boy, strongly suppress his excitement, stood up, organize suits, and beside the parents hug after, took to the stage.

           ↑ Fig.for Joey Bosa

     17-year-old Joey – Bosa, made the first choice of life. As the year’s 4 star rookie and the national level in the fourth best defensive end, Joey – Bosa by many universities fancy. And he finally chose his uncle’s alma mater – Ohio State University. Here he was his father had used 97, with his uncle here glory, began to enter the professional league.

In the second year of college, Bossa ushered in a year of data blowout, during which he played 15 games, won 13.5 times sack, won the “big ten league” best defensive player at the same time, help the ball Team won the NCAA national championship. With the University of good results, at the end of the third year, Joey – Bosa finally took his career into the road, announced that he will participate in the 2016 NFL draft. And his brother Nick – Bossa, will come to Ohio State University, wearing a No. 97 shirt, to describe the next paragraph on the legend of 97.

         ↑ Fig.for Joey Bosa

April 28, 2016, 2016 NFL draft show in Chicago’s auditorium theater officially began. Although early to have bid farewell to the champion candidates for the competition, but Bossa will be selected in the first few seats is still a question mark. When the league president Guder appeared on the stage for the third time, Bossa knew it was his turn.
“2016 NFL draft third overall, San Diego electro-opting from Ohio State University’s Joey – Bosa!”

    ↑ Fig.for Joey Bosa

October 9, 2016, the regular season 5 weeks, San Diego astronauts away Auckland Raiders, Bossa finally ushered in his first show of the NFL. Despite the only 27 players played against the offensive and defensive, but this strong white young man let everyone shines, 2 sack, 1 quarterback and 4 times to force the quarterback rush pass. Bossa will be washed to the extreme, this game is his only time this season, non-starting debut. The end of the season, although the electric light is still dead in the strong hands of the United States, such as Lin League out of the tight encirclement, but only played 12 games to win 10.5 sack and 21 quarterback hit Joey – Bossa, let People see him as the league’s top defensive star potential, and give him the praise, that is, we mentioned at the beginning of the year’s best defensive rookie trophy.

         ↑ Fig.for Joey Bosa

This is just a start, the future he has a farther way to go. Defensive player of the year Regular season’s most valuable player? Super bowl Hall of Fame?
Believe that day, maybe not so far away.
From the beginning of the season, Los Angeles electro-optical 99 will make the league tremble!
are you ready?

Author: Zhang Yun

How to improve the success rate of robbing off the ball

          When the player lost control of the ball, this situation we call “off the ball” (fumble), except pass. Grabbing “fumble recovery” (fumble recovery) in the American football game is a very important thing, whether it is offensive group, defensive group, Secret Service group need to exercise this skill, you can grab the opponent ball or protect one’s own offensive right. Especially in the key game, a successful grab the ball, you can control the situation around the game.Regardless of attack or defense, in the face of the loss of the ball should be actively when the fight up.Control of the ball in the American football game is the most important premise, in particular, need to instill a new concept.When scrambling off the ball, everyone should go to the ground flutter, the ball control in a range, while protecting themselves, but also to protect the ball do not be opponents away.Control the ball off the player, should hold the ball with both hands, surrounded by his arms and tightly pressed on his stomach. Curled up his knees, try to pressure in his chest, to ensure that feet, legs close together. At the same time, the player as far as possible bow, close your eyes and mouth, to prevent someone into the mask.In the actual game, even if the player has been controlled off the ball, the opponent will still be pulled, trying to let it once again lose control of the ball. At this point the referee will whistle, and layers of piles of people in the referee in your ear that you get up before, never let go, because the bottom of the pile, the referee may not see who grab the ball , Only to wait until the final referee confirmed before they can relax.In the open area when the ball off, the first to determine whether to ensure that the ball picked up, followed by the advance and even touchdowns. When the ball is still rolling, to control their own pace and step, down the body to prepare the ball.
Players should focus on the ball in the movement trajectory, open the palm of your hand, hands little finger contact, forming a spoon shape, while moving side pick up the ball.
After picking up the ball, protect the ball as if it were all the offensive ball, preventing the opponent from making another ball.