“Is the referee killed the game”!

Wenger still claims that Arsenal played well on Bayern, “is the referee killed the game”

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger reiterated his conviction that the criticism of the team is unreasonable, the game has seen three times, still feel that the referee killed the game.

In the two meetings with the Bundesliga champions, these gunmen were smashed. After a disgraceful 10-2 presidential defeat, they stand out in the Champions League 16 strong. They went back to Lincoln City by 5-0 and entered the FA Cup semi-final on Saturday.

But after the regular victory of the UAE stadium, the attention came back to one of the worst results of Wenger’s tenure in northern London, where the French explained the reasons for sticking with many players on bullying.

“I do not want to gamble, I know it’s important to win the game,” he said at a press conference after a game.

“The team is doing well on Bayern, and I want to give them the chance to regain confidence.

“The players did not let me down, and I thought we had an outstanding performance as long as we were 11 to 11”.

According to Wenger, the game officer Anastasia Sidiropoulos decided to dismiss Laurent Koscielny in the 53th minute to block the fate of the gunmen.

“We fight against Bayern in the second half, but when you’re on a good team, down to 10 people … it’s not a football game,” he said.

“I hope you sit in my seat for a while and then you will realize that it is impossible to keep everyone quiet but we try.

Milan anger only increased the Juve-ref controversy

“Our last criticism of the game is not justified, I now read the game three times, the referee killed the game”.

Wenger confirmed Alex Oster – Chamberlain, who was limping Lincoln in the first half and was suffering from hamstring injuries, but the manager hoped that the problem would not prove to be too serious.


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