How to improve the success rate of robbing off the ball

          When the player lost control of the ball, this situation we call “off the ball” (fumble), except pass. Grabbing “fumble recovery” (fumble recovery) in the American football game is a very important thing, whether it is offensive group, defensive group, Secret Service group need to exercise this skill, you can grab the opponent ball or protect one’s own offensive right. Especially in the key game, a successful grab the ball, you can control the situation around the game.Regardless of attack or defense, in the face of the loss of the ball should be actively when the fight up.Control of the ball in the American football game is the most important premise, in particular, need to instill a new concept.When scrambling off the ball, everyone should go to the ground flutter, the ball control in a range, while protecting themselves, but also to protect the ball do not be opponents away.Control the ball off the player, should hold the ball with both hands, surrounded by his arms and tightly pressed on his stomach. Curled up his knees, try to pressure in his chest, to ensure that feet, legs close together. At the same time, the player as far as possible bow, close your eyes and mouth, to prevent someone into the mask.In the actual game, even if the player has been controlled off the ball, the opponent will still be pulled, trying to let it once again lose control of the ball. At this point the referee will whistle, and layers of piles of people in the referee in your ear that you get up before, never let go, because the bottom of the pile, the referee may not see who grab the ball , Only to wait until the final referee confirmed before they can relax.In the open area when the ball off, the first to determine whether to ensure that the ball picked up, followed by the advance and even touchdowns. When the ball is still rolling, to control their own pace and step, down the body to prepare the ball.
Players should focus on the ball in the movement trajectory, open the palm of your hand, hands little finger contact, forming a spoon shape, while moving side pick up the ball.
After picking up the ball, protect the ball as if it were all the offensive ball, preventing the opponent from making another ball.

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