Back to back also played 41 minutes, made eight mistakes, James has been exhausted.

The day before playing in Orlando for 38 minutes, this night in Houston, Tyler – Lu still let James played more than 40 minutes.Such a high-intensity game on James’s physical fitness is a huge test,30 points 7 rebounds 5 assists data is not ugly,but the Cavaliers in the fight for 42 minutes after the last 6 minutes fall short,still suspicious,let James in this high risk of injury in the game, really okay?
James this season, the most impressive is his three-pointers, James opened on the opening of the third, then with a record turn the jump jump equalizer. Rockets crazy enough to make the Cavaliers difficult to pull the score, can only fall into the mud war with the opponent.
Second section began shortly after the break traveling between James dunks, and then with a breakthrough to help the Cavaliers pulled away forcibly. James Wong’s helpers Section quite live up to expectations, not only Owen and Fry have accounted for three-pointers, veteran Jefferson is divine intervention, the audience 6-6, scored a season-high 16 points.
People in the fatigue easily subconsciously do the simplest decision,such a player like James, nor can every round, killing opponents,his pass is no longer so targeted,it is very difficult to rely on James’s teammates to make the next decision.
The second half began, James continued again in the third ball of fire. Knight audience and mistakes before the market rebounds into a rout, they can only rely on shooting their teeth. Harden break points deficit to 1 point, and James hit in the distance on the left. No teammates to help, James was trapped just a matter of time.
The beginning of the fourth quarter, the Warriors, the Spurs these teams will generally let the leaders rest, so that two or three headed with a rotation to play. Tyler – Luther let James go on. James opened to vote on the third, but people in the fatigue is difficult to focus, his free pass was Capra steals. 5 minutes 04 seconds before the whistle, James received a three-point hit Schumpeter pass, which is his final efforts to reverse.
James full match errors of up to eight times, which are the negative consequences of fatigue.This count 15 times James has played more than 40 minutes, it is hard to believe that a 32-year-old veteran was defending for treatment.Warriors have (at the expense of the players the cost of health) gave up efforts to keep the Western Conference, the knight should get some inspiration from it?

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