The away fans cheered for triple double of Russell Westbrook :I feel lucky!

In the Barclays center, Russell Westbrook heard with a loud voice, the voice to you really big cannot ignore.

When Brook Lopez missed the ball, less grabbed rebounds, whole cheers.

That’s the game get less 10 rebounds, the moment he has obtained the 33rd of the season three pairs (full 25 points and 12 rebounds and assists).

Westbrook said that the road has not previously heard so loud cheers. He said: ‘I was a little unexpected for me, so special to hear the applause, which is a lucky thing the fans to enjoy the game, and I also appreciate the performance of the team…’

‘They (the fans) shouted very loudly,’ Westbrook said with a smile when it comes to the cheers got the rebound. ‘I thought what happened. I was really wondering why they sound so big, I thought they might be expressing what mood it.’

Before little prestige 10 rebounds in the hands of teammate Thailand – Gibson would have been in a better position to grab the plate, and he jumped up, but in the end he changed his mind and oblige. Gibson said: ‘I want him to get three pairs I get out, I hope he can get the rebounds..’

Westbrook’s performance also won the praise of the opponent, Lin Shuhao said after the game: ‘He played very well, he crushed us his reading of the game on the field did a good job, I think, to go back to the video game can be. I learned valuable lessons, take a look at his performance, he studies how the implementation of tactics, how to conduct field deployment. ‘


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