The gang descendants of the football road.

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Descendants of the underworld family play American rugby stadium,

                           Joey – Bosa  declared his arrival to all.

‘Year 2016 season, the best defensive rookie – Joey! – Bosa’
When the ‘crab legs’ Demis – Winston and ‘Victoria secret angel’ Chanel – after Iman announced after the results, Bosa – the 21-year-old boy, strongly suppress his excitement, stood up, organize suits, and beside the parents hug after, took to the stage.

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     17-year-old Joey – Bosa, made the first choice of life. As the year’s 4 star rookie and the national level in the fourth best defensive end, Joey – Bosa by many universities fancy. And he finally chose his uncle’s alma mater – Ohio State University. Here he was his father had used 97, with his uncle here glory, began to enter the professional league.

In the second year of college, Bossa ushered in a year of data blowout, during which he played 15 games, won 13.5 times sack, won the “big ten league” best defensive player at the same time, help the ball Team won the NCAA national championship. With the University of good results, at the end of the third year, Joey – Bosa finally took his career into the road, announced that he will participate in the 2016 NFL draft. And his brother Nick – Bossa, will come to Ohio State University, wearing a No. 97 shirt, to describe the next paragraph on the legend of 97.

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April 28, 2016, 2016 NFL draft show in Chicago’s auditorium theater officially began. Although early to have bid farewell to the champion candidates for the competition, but Bossa will be selected in the first few seats is still a question mark. When the league president Guder appeared on the stage for the third time, Bossa knew it was his turn.
“2016 NFL draft third overall, San Diego electro-opting from Ohio State University’s Joey – Bosa!”

    ↑ Fig.for Joey Bosa

October 9, 2016, the regular season 5 weeks, San Diego astronauts away Auckland Raiders, Bossa finally ushered in his first show of the NFL. Despite the only 27 players played against the offensive and defensive, but this strong white young man let everyone shines, 2 sack, 1 quarterback and 4 times to force the quarterback rush pass. Bossa will be washed to the extreme, this game is his only time this season, non-starting debut. The end of the season, although the electric light is still dead in the strong hands of the United States, such as Lin League out of the tight encirclement, but only played 12 games to win 10.5 sack and 21 quarterback hit Joey – Bossa, let People see him as the league’s top defensive star potential, and give him the praise, that is, we mentioned at the beginning of the year’s best defensive rookie trophy.

         ↑ Fig.for Joey Bosa

This is just a start, the future he has a farther way to go. Defensive player of the year Regular season’s most valuable player? Super bowl Hall of Fame?
Believe that day, maybe not so far away.
From the beginning of the season, Los Angeles electro-optical 99 will make the league tremble!
are you ready?

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